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Support and Defend | by Mark Greaney

Support and Defend

Support and Defend: A Campus Novel by Mark Greaney
(Putnam Adult, 2014, 503 pages)

Support and Defend by Mark Greaney is the first novel released after Tom Clancy’s death, but still prominently displays Tom Clancy’s name on the title page and cover. Support and Defend features characters and organizations created by Tom Clancy in his novels. In this novel, Dominic Caruso is in India training with a retired Israeli expatriate commando when the commando and his family are ambushed and killed. Dominic is badly injured in the attack. While Dominic is back in the U.S. and recuperating from his injuries, he decides to investigate the murders and seek some retaliation. His investigation leads to a whistleblower named Ethan Ross, the Deputy Assistant Director for Near East and North African Affairs of the National Security Council. The hunt to find Ethan Ross and prevent him from spilling more U.S. intelligence is on.

Mark Greaney co-authored three novels with Tom Clancy. Greaney also writes his own series known as the Gray Man series. Greaney has been asked by the Clancy estate to continue to write novels using the characters that Clancy created.

Support and Defend is full of action and changes of scenery. I’ve read reviews which make comparisons between the Edward Snowden case and this novel. I’m happy that Tom Clancy’s universe will continue with Mark Greaney doing the writing.


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