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Saga (Vol. 1) | by Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Fiona Staples

Saga, Vol 1

Saga (Volume 1) by Brian K. Vaughan; illustrated by Fiona Staples
(Image Comics, 2012, 160 pages)

Saga is the final selection of the semester for SCC’s Between the Covers book club. This is a graphic series that is well-loved and receives a lot of rave reviews. That being said, you do need to prepare yourself for some mature imagery.

It’s hard to even think of how I’d summarize this book. It’s so… different. And very creative. Vaughan and Staples did an amazing job creating this universe and the characters in it. Kelly read Saga earlier this year, so you can check out her review for a little more information. All I can say is if you appreciate graphic novels and fantasy this is a book you should check out. Even if it seems like it’s totally outside your standard reading parameters it still might be worth picking up and exploring something new. I do know I’ll be checking out volumes 2 and 3 to see where Vaughan takes the rest of the story 😉

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