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The Silver Chair | by C. S. Lewis

The Silver Chair

The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis
(Harper Trophy, 2000, 256 pages)

This is Adelaide’s take on the next book in the Narnia series, The Silver Chair. Fair warning, some familiarity with the story is required if this is going to make any sense. Actually, parts of it may just be plain wrong, but who am I to censor her perspective? I guess everyone will just have to read the book to make sure they’re getting a full and accurate picture:

“They go to an underground place and there’s this witch that made Prince Caspian’s son a slave. The son broke the chair that he sits in when he is having his fit, because when he’s in an enchantment he turns all wild and would turn into a snake. He thought he was the witch’s knight, but he was really Prince Caspian’s son.

I liked that the witch strummed the guitar and that Puddleglum stomped on the fire and got a burnt foot. I also like when he (Prince Caspian’s son) broke the chair. I like that Jill, like, got into a hole and then everyone else did and then they were in Narnia and then Puddleglum had to stay in bed because of his burnt foot. I like the witch because of her magic guitar thing. I also like Prince Caspian’s son, Rillian. I like that Aslan blew them (Jill and Scrubb) to Narnia and back to their home. I also like Jill because she pushed Scrubb off of the cliff, and I like Scrubb because I like that he got snappy (well that everyone got snappy).”


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