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Born Reading | by Jason Boog

Born Reading

Born Reading by Jason Boog
(Simon & Schuster, 2014, 305 pages)

I picked up Born Reading earlier this month because I started amassing a children’s library a *while* ago and want to make sure I raise a reader who will enjoy books as much as I do. Boog’s book is based on his own experiences with his daughter, Olive, and he enlisted a lot of help from various experts (ranging from librarians to app developers) to make sure the advice he’s offering is sound and well-supported. The book is broken down into chapters by time frame from “Before Your Baby is Born” to “Kindergarten and Beyond” so it walks you through each stage in a child’s life and differentiates how you can continue to make reading part of their daily routine while also enhancing reading and critical thinking skills.

An important issue Boog touches on is the notion of “screen time” and having an idea of how much time you’re comfortable with exposing your child to. I hadn’t really thought too much about it until reading this book and Boog makes some interesting points. Each chapter includes a list of suggested titles and apps, which is nice. I also really appreciated that Boog makes a point of saying that the titles he highlights worked well for him and his daughter but that you should pick books that speak to your child’s interests – he consistently references going to the library and working with your local children’s librarian to get help finding new titles.

The book has a “Born Reading Playbook” that consists of 15 “skills” for incorporating interactive reading in each stage of your child’s life. I got a lot of great recommendations and suggestions from this title and I’m glad I picked it up. Some of the things referenced seemed like common sense to me, but by making me actively think about them I hope it will help me to enhance the reading experience for my child. Good read – I’d recommend it to parents-to-be and/or parents of young children who are working to encourage better reading habits 🙂

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