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The Tao of Martha | by Jen Lancaster


The Tao of Martha: My Year of LIVING; Or, Why I’m Never Getting All That Glitter Off of the Dog 
by Jen Lancaster
(NAL Hardcover, 2013, 335 pages)

Jen Lancaster is known for her humorous memoirs and I enjoy her writing style. The Tao of Martha went a slightly different route from her other books in that she set a mission for herself to live like Martha Stewart for a year – this book is a record of how that went. I listened to this as an audiobook and it was narrated by the author which was appropriate. I didn’t think this was as funny as some of her other titles but I still enjoyed it. Lancaster’s attempts to live a Martha-approved lifestyle offered up more than a few mishaps, but she also motivates the reader to want to try and get their own life together. Martha didn’t become who she is because her advice isn’t sound 😉

If you’re looking for a new humorous memoirist to try I’d recommend Lancaster, but I’d start with her earlier work.


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