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In the Drink | by Kate Christensen

In the Drink

In the Drink by Kate Christensen
(Anchor, 2000, 288 pages)

Claudia Steiner had big plans for what she was going to accomplish in her life. She moved to New York City after college and has worked a number of jobs since arriving, all of which were supposed to build toward her dream career of being a writer. Unfortunately her most recent job working for Jackie, a wealthy widow with a penchant for never taking the blame for anything, as a secretary/ghostwriter is pushing her towards the edge. Jackie is never at fault, and that means Claudia always is. She can’t wait for the end of each day when she can head home and soothe her nerves with a drink.

In addition to her issues with Jackie, Claudia is also struggling with her feelings toward William, a longtime friend. Despite all the time they spend together they’ve never hooked up and she spends a considerable amount of time pining for him. There’s always her married ex-lover, but she’s trying to keep that from re-entering her life. It’s hard to stay focused on the positive when it seems like nothing is going your way, but Claudia’s doing what she can to keep her sights on the happy future she hopes to one day have.

I’m definitely a fan of Christensen’s and enjoyed this book. I’ve already moved on to a more recent title of hers, The Great Man, and will have a review on that shortly 🙂


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