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Redeployment | by Phil Klay


Redeployment by Phil Klay
(Penguin Press, 2014, 291 pages)

Redeployment is a collection of short stories that center around the soldiers in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The stories range from soldiers readjusting to civilian life after they come home from war to life while they are deployed to the aftereffects on soldiers years after they leave the war zone. Usually for short story reviews I try to pick out one or two stories that especially stood out to me but every story from Redeployment stands out to me. Each story has a haunting character that has stayed with me since I finished the read. I picked this up because it is a finalist for the National Book Award but I will remember it for a long time because it exposed me to a world I, shamefully, know very little about.


One thought on “Redeployment | by Phil Klay

  1. I’m tempted to pick this up just because I wrote my MA dissertation surrounding military veterans and the reintegration problems they face on a daily basis…thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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