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Arts and Entertainments | by Christopher Beha

Arts and Entertainments

Arts & Entertainments by Christopher Beha
(Ecco, 2014, 288 pages)

Eddie used to have it all with his beautiful girlfriend, Martha, and both had acting careers that were on the rise. Suddenly Martha’s career shoots in front of his and she dumps him before he has the chance to move out to L.A. with her. Now Eddie is a drama teacher and his marriage is falling apart because his wife, Susan, wants children but they don’t have the money to get the help they need to conceive a child. After the suggestion of one of his friends, Eddie sells a certain tape that he kept of him and Martha and suddenly he has the money he needs and the attention he wasn’t asking for.

This was an ok read for me. It’s strange to see the characters get so warped by the temptation of fame and money. Plus the character I was most interested in, Susan, I never feel like a got a good handle on her. But that is probably the author’s intention with his look on realty TV stars in our culture right now. It was a pretty easy read but it was hard to really get into without a character I could cheer for.


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