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How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky | by Lydia Netzer

How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky

How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky by Lydia Netzer
(St. Martin’s Press, 2014, 339 pages)

When George and Irene’s mothers were children, they hatched the plan to make sure their children were soul mates. They would then raise them to have similar interests and experiences so when they met as adults, they would feel as if it was meant to be. The plan seemed to be unsuccessful until Irene decides to move back to Toledo after her mother’s death and for the opportunity to work at the Toledo Institute of Astronomy when she discovers how to create black holes in captivity. All of a sudden, their mothers’ plan is set into motion and now they must discover if their feelings for each other are real or if it is all because of an elaborate set up.

I really enjoy Netzer’s writing because the plot always has some unique and quirky science fiction twist to the realism setting. The characters are odd but not so odd you don’t understand them or their actions. They’re simply trying to figure out their lives the best way they know how and sometimes that includes science or psychic predictions or a little help from mom. Also I love a twist that’s plainly hidden in the absurdity because when I don’t see it coming, I’m kicking myself for not seeing it quicker.


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