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Annihilation | by Jeff VanderMeer


Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer
(FSG Originals, 2014, 195 pages)

Eleven expeditions have been sent into Area X and none have been deemed a success. The twelfth expedition is about to begin and is made up of four females; the surveyor, the psychologist, the anthropologist, and the biologist. Their task is to explore Area X and to record all of their findings, sensible or not, into their given journals. They’re told to not use each other’s names and to try to keep personal feelings out of the mission. As soon as the groups enters Area X, they find unexplainable phenomena and quickly realize why the other missions failed so easily.

I had a hard time writing a summary to this read because I’m not exactly sure what happened. Things got weird really fast and if you weren’t paying attention then you could easily get lost. The biologist was the narrator and because of events that happened right at the beginning, she was a pretty unreliable narrator. I can’t be sure of really anything she said unless I read the remaining books in the series to compare the other narrator’s viewpoints. This was a quick read but I’m not sure if I’ll continue with the series.


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