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This is Where I Leave You | by Jonathan Tropper

This Is Where I Leave You

This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper
(Orion, 2009, 352 pages)

This is Where I Leave You is the first title up for discussion in the Between the Covers book club. The film version is about to be released in theaters and I’m excited to see it – I definitely think the book will translate well to the big screen, plus there’s a pretty impressive cast. Tropper’s novel revolves around the Foxman family after they’re brought together to sit shiva when the family patriarch dies. The majority of the novel revolves around Judd Foxman as he tries to figure out where his life is going. His father has died, he and his family don’t really work well when forced to spend time together, and he just caught his wife cheating on him with his boss.

The book is set over a period of seven days (the time frame for sitting shiva) and we learn a lot about the Foxman family as a whole. Parts of this book had me laughing to myself and I was always eager to pick it up and continue from where I’d left off. I can’t wait for the book club discussion. 🙂


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