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Silencing Eve | by Iris Johansen

Silencing Eve

Silencing Eve by Iris Johansen
(St. Martin’s Press, 2013, 403 pages)


Is she dead or alive? That is the question on everybody’s lips. Eve appears to have been killed—that’s what everyone attending her funeral thinks, at least. But not even some of her top-brass colleagues know for sure whether her death is a hoax—a way to ensnare her brutal captor, Jim Doane, once and for all. But even if Eve really is still alive, how much longer can this charade continue before she falls into even greater danger? CIA agent Catherine Ling will waste no time trying to find out. Years ago, Eve risked everything to help Catherine find her missing son. Now Catherine, along with Eve’s beloved Joe Quinn and Jane MacGuire, will go to the ends of the earth to save her…

This is the last title in the Eve Duncan trilogy. The first was Taking Eve, the second one was Hunting Eve, and now we have Silencing Eve. I enjoyed reading the first two and was really looking forward to reading the last one. Silencing Eve was a good read but a little drawn out. The dialogue was a bit monotonous. Combining all 3 into one book and cutting out some dialogue would have made for an exceptional story. It had a crafty mix of suspense, shockers, romance, and the paranormal, which kept my interest. I love the writing style of Iris Johansen and all her books are easy to follow and keep you entertained. It was not the ending I was expecting, but still overall I enjoyed reading all three books. I look forward to reading more from her 🙂


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