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The Walking Dead: Book Two | by Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Book Two by Robert Kirkman
(Image Comics, 2012, 304 pages)

I’d been meaning to pick up The Walking Dead: Book Two ever since I finished reading Book One for last year’s Between the Covers book club. When I saw it just sitting on the shelf I couldn’t resist picking it up. This book picks up where Book One left off. The group of survivors, led by Rick, has found a prison that they’re hoping to use as their home base. They first have to make sure the area has been cleared, but the fenced in grounds and all the space make it seem like they may have found a place where they can survive.

I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll keep things vague. In this book the reader is introduced to a few new characters, an inmate named Axel and sword-wielding Michonne. The small group is still trying to figure out the new world they live in and emotions have a tendency to run high when you feel like you’re constantly fighting to stay alive so there are is a fair amount of relationship drama in this book.

I’ll definitely be picking up Book Three. I’d recommend reading the graphic novels if you’re a fan of the show – they offer up a different experience for you as a reader.


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