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Silver Bay | by Jojo Moyes

Silver Bay

Silver Bay by Jojo Moyes
(Penguin Books, 2014, 338 pages)

By now you’ve probably noticed that Jojo Moyes has something of a fan club here at the SCC Library – you can thank Sadie for starting the trend 😉 Silver Bay is primarily set in the small town of Silver Bay in Australia. Liza and her daughter Hannah moved there with little fanfare to live with Liza’s aunt Katherine.

Katherine runs a small family hotel that has been around for decades. She takes in her niece and grandniece and tries to provide them with as pleasant a life as she can. Silver Bay isn’t a huge resort town. People who come there to vacation are coming to enjoy the atmosphere and to go off on dolphin and whale-watching tours. Liza is the captain of one of the boats that takes people out and while she’s not the friendliest she has a knack for locating marine life. Liza keeps to herself and she’s “happy” with that. She escaped a dark part of her life when she moved to Australia and she wants to try and focus on moving forward.

Mike is a business man from London who works on helping venture capitalists find sure bets to make money on. He heads to Silver Bay with the intention of making it a 5-star resort town but when he arrives at the Silver Bay hotel and is gradually welcomed by the local community he starts second-guessing his plan. Mike also finds himself drawn to Liza, even though he’s engaged to be married to a woman back home.

Mike and Liza’s story comes together when the two join forces to try and keep the spirit of Silver Bay intact.

This made for perfect reading over the long Labor Day weekend. I think the next Moyes title on my list is going to be The Ship of Brides.


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