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I Work at a Public Library | by Gina Sheridan

I Work at a Public Library

I Work at a Public Library: A Collection of Crazy Stories from the Stacks
by Gina Sheridan
(Adams Media Corporation, 2014, 157 pages)

One of my co-workers and I had talked about this book after seeing a write-up in The Riverfront Times so it worked out perfectly that she lent me this title. I Work at a Public Library is a collection of stories/encounters that actually occurred at public libraries around the United States. Sheridan is a public librarian at the St. Louis County Library and she has a blog that highlights her “entertaining” experiences and the experiences of other public librarians when it comes to dealing with various library users.

While I think you’ll have a deeper appreciation for this book if you do work in a library it would be an amusing read for those outside the library profession as well. There were parts where I laughed to myself, a few stories I definitely related to, and some stories that made me cringe, but Sheridan ended the book with a chapter called “809.9339 Volumes of Gratitude” (yes, chapters are broken down using the Dewey Decimal system) that focused on experiences that remind you why you became a librarian in the first place (in my case) and show how much librarians do care for their patrons.

This book is slim and it reads quickly. My favorite chapters were “611 Human Anatomy” and “809.9339 Volumes of Gratitude.”

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