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Gone with the Wind | by Margaret Mitchell

Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
(Scribner, 1964, 1037 pages)

Scarlett O’Hara’s mother raised her to be a Southern lady and the belle of the county. Scarlett has multiple beaus and has properly refused proposals from many suitors while she waits for Ashley, her true love, to propose. But when she hears that Ashley is about to announce his engagement to Melanie, Scarlett hatches a plan to turn everything around for her. As the Civil War and Scarlett’s jealousy rages on, she must continue to make adjustments in her life to not only survive but continue to be close to Ashley and to put up with the constant irritations from Rhett Butler. Although her mother’s teachings on how to be a lady seem to be forgotten, Scarlett promises that once she has enough money and Ashley by her side, she can return to her position as a lady.

What a beast of a book to read. There is so much scandal, war, new life, and death that I don’t think there was a stretch of time where I was bored despite the 1,000 pages. The drive that Scarlett has to get what she wants and the sacrifices that she makes whether they hurt herself or those close to her are truly remarkable. The difference between how smart and successful Scarlet is in her business ventures and how poorly she interacts and upholds her social bearings is incredibly frustrating because Scarlett really could have everything she ever wanted if she just opened her eyes a little bit more. I would recommend this read to anyone and don’t be scared off by the high page count, it is truly worth it.


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