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Attachments | by Rainbow Rowell


Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
(Plume, 2012, 323 pages)

I had to continue my Rainbow Rowell kick by picking up her first novel, Attachments. Beth and Jessica work at the local paper and despite knowing their email is being monitored they don’t stop sending personal emails to each other. They have to keep up with what’s going on in each other’s lives after all.

Lincoln works the IT night shift and he’s the one responsible for reading any and all flagged emails and sending out the appropriate warnings. When Beth and Jessica’s emails show up in his folder he can’t make himself do anything about it. Rather he enjoys their emails and forms something of a one-sided friendship… in fact he’s kind of falling for Beth and he has no idea what she even looks like.

The real problem now lies with the fact that Lincoln is in too deep to reveal himself to Beth. How can he admit he’s been reading her personal emails for months and is falling for her sight unseen?

In true Rowell fashion she sucks the reader in to the story. It was a fun, light read.


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