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How to Be a Woman | by Caitlin Moran

How to Be a Woman

How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran
(Harper Perennial, 2012, 301 pages)

Moran’s collection of essays in How to Be a Woman reflects on the experiences today’s woman has to go through using examples from her own life. Sample chapter titles include: I Don’t Know What To Call My Breasts!; I Need a Bra!; I Am Fat!; I Get Married! The stories from her life are pretty entertaining. Moran is the eldest of eight children and her family life was certainly unique. She was never really one to try and conform to expectations of her as a woman, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t influenced by how society felt she should portray herself.

Moran is proud to be a feminist and explains clearly that it’s not the bad word so many people seem to think it is. If you believe men and women should be on equal footing, you’re a feminist. She addresses various issues that are still holding women back and readily demonstrates how ridiculous it is when you take just a moment to reflect on the many double-standards imposed on the “fairer sex.”

This was a quick read and I appreciated Moran’s accessible writing style. I didn’t read the book and come away feeling like I’d want to be best friends with the author (à la Tina Fey or Mindy Kaling) but I do think she’d be entertaining to have cocktails with.


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