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Savage Girl | by Jean Zimmerman

Savage Girl

Savage Girl by Jean Zimmerman
(Viking Adult, 2014, 402 pages)

I think the description of this book sold a story that the author didn’t really deliver for me. Set in the mid to late 19th century young Hugo Delegate sets out west with his family to check out his father’s silver mines. While they are out exploring they stumble across an exhibition that draws them in. A savage girl raised by wolves is on display and Hugo’s father decides to take her home and make her his project. The Delegate family resides in New  York and is extremely wealthy. They take savage girl in (we later learn her name is Bronwyn) and attempt to raise her as their daughter and introduce her to society after some guidance and formal training.

Hugo is drawn to Bronwyn but he notices that people have a tendency to turn up dead and mangled everywhere she goes. He’s not sure if she’s the one responsible or if he potentially could be. Hugo is prone to blackouts and he’s unsure what happens during these times when he has no memory. The reader follows Bronwyn’s introduction into New York society and tries to figure out why all the men that fall for her manage to turn up dead…

The novel had an interesting premise but I don’t think it was sold that well. I listened to the audiobook and that may have had an impact on my feelings toward the text. It just seemed to have too much going on and just seemed too far-fetched for the marketing of the book. If you’re a fan of Zimmerman or have been wanting to read this book I’d still suggest you check it out. It just didn’t impress me much.

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