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Death of a Unicorn | by Peter Dickinson

Death of a Unicorn

Death of a Unicorn by Peter Dickinson
(Small Beer Press, 2013, 204 pages)

This was a Nancy Pearl recommendation and there is no better place to find a forgotten gem. Published in 1983 and set in that time as well as 1950’s London, it follows the life of a titled young woman who is trying to strike out on her own writing a social column for a popular magazine. I wouldn’t exactly call this a mystery but it there are some unanswered questions the heroine has to look into later in her life. I loved the humor and tone of Lady Margaret and so even though the plot wasn’t exactly a page turner I still had a hard time putting it down. I’m definitely going to try out some of Peter Dickinson’s other mysteries.

“For best-selling author Lady Margaret, the past is no longer a pleasant memory. Her first lover’s mysterious death and the seeming inevitability of her inheriting the family’s stately home are cast in new light by secrets unwillingly revisited. The first in a series of reprints of Peter Dickinson’s mysteries, this classic British mystery will win fans currently engrossed in Downton Abbey.” –


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