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Carrie | by Stephen King


Carrie by Stephen King
(Pocket Books, 2005, 253 pages)

Carrie has always been the outcast in school and her mother has not helped things along the way. Carrie’s mother is extremely religious and has tried to control Carrie’s sinning so that she never becomes a woman to the point that Carrie is frequently locked in her “closet” to pray. Her peers at school are always finding reasons to pick on Carrie so there is no one for Carrie to turn to when she discovers she has telekinetic powers. Instead, she just gets angrier at all the people in her life and is convinced that they are trying to trick her. But when Sue Snell convinces her boyfriend Tommy to ask Carrie to the prom as a way to make up for the horrible things they’ve done to her, Carrie reluctantly agrees to the date but has her guard up and her powers ready if this turns out to be just another one of their mean tricks.

This is one of those classic stories that I had never read or seen the film. I’m extremely glad I finally got around to reading this and was impressed when I learned that this was King’s first published novel. I listened to this on audiobook (thanks Kelly!) and the thing I enjoyed most about it, besides the great narration by Sissy Spacek, was the introduction by King. I loved hearing about the inspiration for the book and how he originally threw the first few pages away before his wife saved them from the trash. Now I will have to watch the film, but the original not the remake.


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