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Dare Me | by Megan Abbott

Dare Me

Dare Me by Megan Abbott
(Reagan Arthur Books, 2012 304 pages)

When a new cheerleading coach is set to take over the high school varsity squad, Addy doesn’t think much of it. She knows Beth will still be in charge and Addy will be close behind her as her second in command. But when Coach French turns things upside down, nothing is the same. Beth is quickly dethroned and unwilling to join in the praise for Coach that Addy and the rest of the girls have for her. Addy is chosen as Coach’s favorite and starts to become a part of Coach’s personal life in her home and in Coach’s adulterous relationship. As a war rages between Beth and Coach, Addy is torn on who to believe, especially after questions about a suicide that Coach witnessed start to surface.

It’s scary to think that this might be a look into just how cruel some teenage girls can be, especially when they have their minds set on something. Like Beth was on gaining back the control of the squad and Addy from Coach and the extent that she would go for it. But it didn’t stop with just Beth’s actions as they all used cruel and wicked acts when they knew it would be the easiest thing to get what they wanted. The pacing and the narration of the read were a little strange to me but that just added to the mystery of the girls.

You can also check out Julia’s review of Dare Me.


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