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Carrie | by Stephen King


Carrie by Stephen King
(Pocket Books, 1999, 253 pages)

I listened to the audiobook, Carrie, by Stephen King. The book is written from the perspective of the future looking back on the events that drove teenager Carrie White to use telekinesis to destroy the town of Chamberlain, Maine on the night of her school’s prom. Passages from books and transcripts of interviews with various people who survived the tragedy look back on Carrie’s life with her religious fanatic mother and the bullying she endured at school. The brilliant narration by Sissy Spacek, who played Carrie in the original 1976 film version, makes the book even more eerie. The book offers more background on Carrie’s childhood than the film, and portrays Carrie as a less attractive girl than Spacek was in the film. I really enjoyed this masterpiece by Stephen King and highly recommend the audio version.


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