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Too Hot to Handle | by Victoria Dahl

Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot to Handle by Victoria Dahl
(Harlequin HQN, 2013, 320 pages)

There’s nothing like an entertaining romance novel when you’re looking for a quick, light read. Victoria Dahl is an author whose writing I enjoy and I’d definitely recommend her if you’re looking for a contemporary romance author. This was book 2 in the Jackson series. I read these out of order, starting with book #1, Close Enough to Touch, and just recently reading book #3, So Tough to Tame. They don’t need to be read as a series, but it’s fun to know the backstories of characters who appear in all three titles.

Merry moved to Jackson Hole shortly after coming there to visit her friend Grace, another transplant. Merry fell in love with the area and can’t believe she gets to call this place home. She was hired as the curator for a local ghost town that is eventually going to be “revamped” and turned into a tourist destination. Even though she’s working with limited funds it turns out that her neighbor, Shane, is a carpenter so she hires him on to help with some small projects around the town.

Unfortunately, Shane has some connections to her ghost town that Merry doesn’t know about. Connections that make him want to ensure the project fails. It’s nothing personal against Merry… until things start to get “personal” between them. As things progress Shane’s secret gets harder and harder to hide, but how can he tell Merry the truth now when she’s gotten so far under his skin?

This is a fun summer read that you’ll be able to breeze through.

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