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In Harm’s Way | by Ridley Pearson

In Harm's Way

In Harm’s Way by Ridley Pearson
(Putnam Adult, 2010, 400 pages)

In Harm’s Way is the fourth Walt Fleming novel by Ridley Pearson. I did not read the first three Walt Fleming novels and I’m not sure that I will. I picked this novel up at the annual St. Charles Community College LRC book sale. I have read many of Ridley Pearson’s books for young adults and enjoyed them so I thought that I would give one of his adult suspense novels a try. In Harm’s Way, is set in Sun Valley, Idaho where the sheriff, Walt Fleming, is dealing with a murder. An ex-football star and drug abuser, Martel Gale, is found dead in the woods with the back of his skull crushed. Walt is also working with a homicide detective in Seattle, Lou Boldt, who is trying to solve the murder of young and beautiful Caroline Vetta. Walt and Lou think there might be a connection between the two cases.

In Harm’s Way did keep my interest, but I just didn’t find myself liking the characters. The sheriff seemed to contradict himself. I found myself not caring if the sheriff and his love interest, Fiona Kenshaw, ended up together or not. Maybe if I had read the first three Walt Fleming novels, I would have liked Walt more. I think that I might give Pearson’s suspense novels another try, but not one in the Walt Fleming series.

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