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World War Z | by Max Brooks

World War Z

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks
(Crown, 2006, 342 pages)

Thanks to the perks of MOBIUS I was able to request this particular audiobook version which has the book narrated by a full cast. I was just curious to give it a try because normally this isn’t a book I’d pick up. World War Z is broken up into different phases of looking at the “zombie war” – from the early warnings to panic to total war. In each section the reader is presented with interviews from people around the world giving their personal experience of what life was like as the zombies took over. It wasn’t overly gruesome which I appreciated, it was more that Brooks made this fictionalized event sound so real and I was impressed at how much it drew me in. I’m curious enough that I might even check out the movie with Brad Pitt, even though I heard it’s drastically different from the book.

Even if zombies aren’t your thing I’d recommend this title if you’re looking for something different that addresses the world of zombies without giving in to the blood and gore typically associated with the living dead. It’s more about how people respond to new, stressful, and chaotic situations and whether or not it’s possible to hold on to your humanity. This was a good read, and I’d certainly recommend listening to this particular audiobook with the full cast – it offers a unique and well-rounded listening experience.

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