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Vintage | by Susan Gloss


Vintage by Susan Gloss
(William Morrow, 2014, 320 pages)

Vintage is a heart-warming story about love and loss where three women’s lives become entwined: Violet, April, and Amithi. Violet is a late-thirty something vintage dress shop owner who came to Madison, Wisconsin to get her life on track. April is an unwed soon-to-be 18-year-old mother, who becomes her intern and is somewhat of a math savant. Amithi is a customer who comes to the shop to sell some of her saris and other silks she owns. Each of their stories influences the others and helps them to grow as friends. I found this book to be endearing and couldn’t put it down as it was easy to become involved with the characters. Another plus is the descriptions of the clothing and other items in the store. For someone who has an interest in vintage things, it made reading the book all the more satisfying. A great summer read!


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