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Murder on the Potomac | by Margaret Truman

Murder on the Potomac

Murder on the Potomac by Margaret Truman
(Random House, 1994, 230 pages)

Continuing on reading Truman’s capital crime mysteries, I checked out Murder on the Potomac.

The body of Pauline Juris, personal assistant of Wendell Tierney, is found floating in the Potomac River. Wendell is a wealthy developer and a board member of the National Building Museum. He becomes the main suspect after love letters written by him are found in the dead woman’s apartment. Wendell calls law professor Mackenzie Smith for advice. Mac Smith, a former attorney, agrees to help Wendell over the objections of his wife Annabel. Mac discovers his former student, a smart and beautiful detective Darcy Eikenberg, is in charge of the murder investigation. To make things more complicated, other family members of Wendell all have motives to kill Pauline. There are a few plot twists, not dramatic, but enough to keep me going. I couldn’t figure out the killer until the very end. That’s a good thing. If you are looking for a quick mystery read, give it a try.


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