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Y: The Last Man – The Deluxe Edition Book One | by Brian K. Vaughan

Y The Last Man

Y: The Last Man – The Deluxe Edition Book One
by Brian K. Vaughan; illustrated by Pia Guerra
(Vertigo, 2008, 256 pages)

This graphic novel has an interesting premise – what would the world be like if all the men were killed off and the only surviving individuals with a Y-chromosome were a young man and his monkey? No one knows what killed the men off, that’s still a mystery, but now the women of the world are figuring out how to keep things intact. Yorick, our surviving man, is desperate to locate his mother, sister, and fiancee but gets sidelined thanks to his very existence. He now has to help Agent 355, a member of an elite and secretive government agency, find and assist Dr. Mann who had previously been working on a cloning project. The hope is to ensure that the human race will continue, and perhaps figure out why Yorick and his monkey managed to be the only males who survived.

I got through this graphic novel quickly. It actually made me think of The Walking Dead as I was reading because of the unexplained “illness” and wandering around in a completely revised version of the world while trying to survive. The graphic novel has been well-reviewed and people seem to be really into the series and the author (who writes the Saga series, as well). If you’re looking to try something new or if you need something to help give you a similar Walking Dead fix, pick up Y: The Last Man.


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