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The Enchanted | by Rene Denfeld

The Enchanted

The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld
(Harper, 2014, 256 pages)

The Lady works as an investigator to try to uncover information that will help save prisoners from the death penalty before it’s too late. The Lady’s latest client is York but the difference with him is that he freely admits he wants to die. Of course this had made the media want York’s life saved even more.  The Lady doesn’t care about any of her clients as she views her work as just a job. But as the details of York’s story start to unfold, she finds herself being drawn into his life. As the Lady works to save York, another death row inmate reflects on the struggles of prison life and awaits another run by the enchanted horses of the prison.

There’s no doubt that this was absurdly good writing. Denfeld’s beautiful writing was contrasted by the horribleness of the actions that took place in the prison and outside of it. There are some very graphic parts in the novel, some so graphic I wish I hadn’t been eating my lunch at the time when I was reading it. I loved how you got little personal information about the characters but the reader is allowed to be with them during very personal events in their lives. But I can’t help but assume there is some truth to her writing since Denfeld works almost mirrors the work that the Lady does in the story.


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