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Warm Bodies | by Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
(Atria/Emily Bestler Books, 2012, 239 pages)

I picked up Warm Bodies on a whim, but it wasn’t really a “Julia” book. Set in a future world that has been ravaged by zombies we are introduced to R. He lives with other zombies in an airport and they have their own society set up there. There are schools for the young zombies where they learn to hunt, there is “church” led by the old Bonies, and the hunting groups set out for food when they realize there’s a need for it. It’s on one such excursion that R finds himself in the presence of Julie after unknowingly devouring her boyfriend, Perry. As R began eating Perry’s brain the thoughts and memories were transferred into R’s mind. This served as the catalyst in R’s decision to save Julie.

R brings Julie back to the airport coated in the blood of another zombie so others don’t smell the living among them. He speaks haltingly but manages to convey to her that he’s trying to keep her safe. They gradually grow on one another and when Julie decides she wants to go back to her father and friends R decides to go with her. In the time spent together with Julie R has begun to change. He can speak more clearly and he doesn’t feel the urge to feed the way he once did. Things aren’t the way they once were and now R and Julie are wondering if the plague that brought zombies to take over is something they can start fighting into submission.

I had hoped this book would keep me more engaged than it did. The writing wasn’t bad and (since I listened to the audiobook) the narrator did a good job, especially when you consider he had to give voice to various zombies. But I just found myself disinterested in where the story was going to end up going. If you’re into zombie books you might enjoy this – it goes beyond the gore to try and look at the workings of society and the idea that people can change. It wasn’t a bad read, it just wasn’t for me.


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