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Tempting Fate | by Jane Green

Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate by Jane Green
(St. Martin’s Press, 2014, 352 pages)

Gabby is happily married to Elliot and has always stated the fact that once you’re married your attraction to other people doesn’t stop, it’s about the choice to not act on that temptation. But Gabby has never been tempted to wander outside of her marriage until she meets Matt who makes her feel ten years younger and like anything but a housewife. She tells herself and her friends it is just a little flirtation that she can stop at any time. But the secret is she doesn’t want to stop and now doesn’t know if she can.

Green writes such interesting family dramas that I can’t help but fly through them in a couple of days. It’s pretty easy reading which is fine by me with the school semester coming to a close. I pretty much knew where Green was going to take the story since the beginning except for one twist. I didn’t catch on to where she was leading the story until about a page before it was revealed, which is the best way to figure out the plot line.


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