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Blankets | by Craig Thompson


Blankets by Craig Thompson
(Top Shelf, 2003, 582 pages)

Blankets was the title chosen as the final book for this semester’s meetings of the Between the Covers book club. Though the book is definitely on the large side, it reads quickly. Thompson uses this graphic novel to tell the story of his youth as he comes to terms with his faith and finds love for the first time.

Raised in a Christian fundamentalist family religion was a big part of his life and it served as the only means of solace for the author. He had no friends at school and relied a lot on his younger brother. In high school Craig goes to a Christian Camp and it is here that he meets Raina. They connect almost immediately and after camp ends they write letters and send care packages to one another. When Raina invites Craig to visit their relationship seems to be progressing, but we all know how intense first love can be…

This book is about Craig’s coming to terms with his life, his faith, and his understanding of how he wants to see his future play out. If you’re new to graphic novels Blankets is consistently voted one of the top titles to pick up as an introduction to the comic world. The book has been viewed by some as a controversial title due to some of the religious content, but I didn’t find the content to be that troubling at all. I can see how it might raise some eyebrows but I didn’t have any issue with the content.

We had a lot to talk about at book club and I’m glad I finally read this book 🙂


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