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The Bone Season | by Samantha Shannon

The Bone Season

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
(Bloomsbury, 2013, 466 pages)

This book received good book buzz which is what compelled me to pick up the audiobook when I saw it on the shelf. Set primarily in London in 2059 the world has undergone a number of changes. Accordingly a security force known as Scion has been put into place, controlling a number of the world’s major cities. Apparently what society needs protection from are people who are clairvoyant. These people are deemed unnaturals and cities are doing what they can to flush them out.

19-year-old Paige Mahoney is one of these unnaturals. Specifically she’s a dreamwalker – a rare type of clairvoyant. She survives by working in a small group of other clairvoyants known as the Seven Seals. They are doing what they can to stay alive while also battling other groups like them spread around the city. Paige is caught when she makes the mistake of killing someone with her powers. She is captured and shipped to Oxford, a city that has been turned into a sort of prison for clairvoyants. They are brought here and expected to serve a supernatural group of beings known as the Rephaim.

The Rephaim feed off the power of clairvoyants and each “prisoner” is assigned a keeper. Paige is chosen by Warden as his only human. She knows she needs to find a way to escape, but his intentions with her seem muddled. He treats her differently than the other Rephaim treat their humans. We stick with Paige as she tries to figure out her knew world and her place in it. All she wants is to get back to London where, even though she is an outcast, she is home with those she loves.

This fantasy/science fiction/dystopian read was interesting but I didn’t find myself particularly invested in the story. If you are looking for a science fiction/fantasy read that isn’t super “out there” or overly graphic you could give this book a try. It has already been optioned for a movie and the series is meant to be a total of 7 books. The book was also picked as a selection for the Today Show Book Club. While I won’t be continuing with the series I’m glad I gave the series a try.

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