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The Beach Club | by Elin Hilderbrand

The Beach Club

The Beach Club by Elin Hilderbrand
(St. Martin’s Press, 2000, 320 pages)

The Nantucket Beach Club and Hotel opens every summer for its members and guests and this year proves to be a season no one will forget. Mack, the club’s manager, has two major decisions to make in his life and he’s hoping if he just keeps pushing them off, he’ll never have to decide. Bill and Theresa are trying to inspire their daughter Cecily to take over the hotel but Cecily is more interested in pursuing her boyfriend. Love desperately wants to get pregnant by a man who will leave her alone to raise the child. And Vance is still holding onto his anger at Mack who accidentally stole the manager job from him twelve years ago.

This was a satisfying read because I think the characters all ended up with what they needed instead of what they wanted. There were a lot of character stories to follow and a lot of drama to happen during one summer. But all the characters had such unique stories and twists to them. For example, it’s not unusual  for a book to be about a woman wanting a baby but it is unique for that woman to seek out a man who will leave her alone with the baby afterwards.


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