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The Interestings | by Meg Wolitzer

The Interestings

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer
(Riverhead Books, 2013, 480 pages)

Jules was transformed when she went to summer camp after her father died. There she met Ethan, Ash, Jonah, Goodman, and Cathy and they formed The Interestings and Julie became Jules. As the years pass, some members of The Interestings leave the group after a New Year’s Eve incident that changes the course of their lives. Years later, Ethan and Ash are a successful and happy couple while Jules and her husband Dennis are struggling to keep up with the basics. The Interestings have always pledged to be loyal to one another, but that doesn’t mean they each don’t have their own secrets or jealousies to hide.

I thought this was an interesting concept to explore. Throughout the read, it was revealed that everyone was envious or wanted something they couldn’t have. This was especially true for Jules but it also might seem that way since the majority of the book was told from her point of view. The least envious character was Ash but it’s also curious that the reader never received her narrative. This was definitely a read I pondered long after I finished with it.

You can also check out Julia’s review of this title.


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