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Murder at the Pentagon | by Margaret Truman

Murder at the Pentagon

Murder at the Pentagon by Margaret Truman
(Random House, 1992, 291 pages)

This is the second book I’ve read by Margret Truman. It certainly didn’t disappoint. The main character from the previous book, law professor Mackensie Smith, plays a supporting role here. A civilian scientist is murdered at what seems to be the most secure building in the world, the Pentagon. Major Margit Falk, a new lawyer, is assigned to defend Corporal Robert Cobol who is charged with the murder. The victim was a lead scientist of a defense research project devoted to small nuclear devices.

While Major Falk investigates the case, she finds herself tangled in secrets, cover-ups and dangerous situations. The alleged murderer had a sexual relationship with the victim. The victim’s project was linked to a small Arab country which recently revealed its nuclear capability. A congressional committee investigation also has a stake in this case. As if it’s not complicated enough,  Major Margit’s boyfriend Jeff is involved in this as well. Jeff’s boss, the senator, heads the congressional committee. Major Margit turns to her mentor Mackensie Smith for help. The story line is engaging and has a few twists and turns. The ending is surprising and satisfactory.

Having visited Washington D.C. several times, it’s fun to try to picture the landmarks and streets. There are detailed description about the Pentagon’s layout. I would love to (if possible) tour this famous building someday.


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