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Labor Day | by Joyce Maynard

Labor Day

Labor Day by Joyce Maynard
(William Morrow, 2009, 256 pages)

Life has been different since Henry’s father left his mother, Adele. Henry and Adele rarely leave the house so when they go to the store at the beginning of the Labor Day weekend, it has been months since their last venture out. While at the store, an escaped prison convict, Frank, asks for their help. Adele is not one to turn someone away that’s in need so they take Frank back to their house where he can hide. As the weekend goes on, Adele and Frank develop an instant connection to each other while Henry must sort out how his life is changing once again.

Labor Day is told from the point of view of Henry so it’s interesting to get his perspective once Adele and Frank start their relationship. Henry is only 13 years old so his emotions are all over the place once he realizes what is happening to his mother. He’s not sure where that leaves him and while he likes Frank, he’s uncomfortable with how much he knows about them. What I really enjoyed about the story is that you couldn’t judge the three characters on their past because some things are not what they appear to be.


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