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Commencement | by J. Courtney Sullivan


Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan
(Knopf, 2008, 336 pages)

Celia, Bree, Sally, and April met during their first year at Smith College and while all different from each other, they created a bond that lasted well past their Smith Days. As they reunite for Sally’s wedding, they reminisce about their college days and share their opinions on each other’s life choices since. Each girl is struggling with their new lives: Celia’s transition to New York, Sally’s new marriage and trying to forget an old boyfriend, Bree’s fight with her family over the true love of her life, and April’s realization that her new job is dangerous but she’ll do anything to help the feminist movement.

How I wish Sullivan would have included just one more chapter in this. She ended the book at such a pivotal moment and I can only imagine what the aftermath of it was like. I thought Sullivan was true to how college friendships are; you create this strong bond with people right away and no matter where life takes you afterward, you can always pick the relationships up again. I loved how different each girl was and at different points in the book, I was frustrated with each of them. I didn’t think this was as strong as some of Sullivan’s other books but still a good read.

You can also check out Julia’s review of this title.


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