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Help for the Haunted | by John Searles

Help for the Haunted

Help for the Haunted by John Searles
(William Morrow, 2013, 368 pages)

Sylvie’s life has drastically changed since her parents were murdered in an old church after being sent there by their oldest daughter Rose. Her parents used to help haunted people and lost souls find peace and were considered strange and outcasts in town. Now Sylvie is still an outcast but Rose is her legal guardian who seems to have no interest in Sylvie’s well-being. Sylvie slowly starts to learn details of her parents work and the last night they were alive as she searches for the truth behind all the mysteries surrounding her parents.

This was a creepy read throughout as Searles jumped between chapters of Sylvie’s life before and after her parents were murdered. Sylvie had never questioned her parents before as she always wanted to please them and be their good daughter. Now that they’re gone, Sylvie wants one last chance to do right by her parents. Sylvie is a very smart girl so it wasn’t surprising when she put everything together even though that never seemed like her goal in the book. I have to say, though the book did drag a little at times, the scene were Sylvie finds out everything is really well written and makes up for the slowness of the read.


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