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Conservatize Me | by John Moe

Conservatize Me

Conservatize Me: How I Tried to Become a Righty with the Help of Richard Nixon, Sean Hannity, Toby Keith, and Beef Jerky
by John Moe
(HarperCollins, 2006, 320 pages)

I knew this was going to be a fun read when I laughed out loud reading the first page. John Moe was asked by his barber how he normally parts his hair. “To the left” he replied. It was mere days before Moe was to begin his non-scientific experiment. He then asked the barber to part his hair from left to right since he’s trying to make his politics move from left to right.

In Conservatize Me author John Moe, a self-proclaimed leftist, sets out to immerse himself in conservative culture for 30 days. He talks to well-known conservatives, participates in the College Republicans convention, watches conservative news stations, listens to country music, visits the most conservative districts… you know, going the whole nine yards. Some of Moe’s attempts to understand conservatives are stereotypical. But Moe pokes fun at both conservatives and liberals. This book will make you look at politics in a new way. It doesn’t matter which side you are on, you’ll find the book funny, entertaining, and insightful. How did the experiment turn out? You’ll just have to find out for yourself!


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