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Dancing on Broken Glass | by Ka Hancock

Dancing on Broken Glass

Dancing on Broken Glass by Ka Hancock
(Gallery Books, 2012, 416 pages)

Lucy and Mickey are a married couple that have stayed together despite the many present obstacles in their lives. Lucy has a family history of breast cancer that she already beat once some years ago and Mickey is bi-polar and fights to remain stable. After Lucy beat cancer, they decided it was too much of a possibility to pass on their risky genes to a child and added a no children clause to their marriage contract. After a routine checkup though, Lucy is surprised to find out that she is pregnant against all odds. As Lucy and Mickey prepare to add another member to their family, they have to face another decision that will change everything.

I thought this book was fine. I liked the idea behind the story as the many different problems Lucy and Mickey had to face definitely added a different sense of drama. The book is written from Lucy’s point of view with Mickey’s journal entries adding his perspective throughout the read. The dialogue was a bit too cheesy for me but I admit, I usually am too hard to please when it comes to the dialogue. But my biggest problem was the ending. It was a nice way to end a pretty tragic story but I can’t imagine that being realistic with how much the reader saw Mickey struggle.

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