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Beautiful Day | by Elin Hilderbrand

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand
(Reagan Arthur Books, 2013, 544 pages)

The Carmichaels haven’t been the same since their mother, Beth, passed away. Before Beth died, she wrote a notebook to her youngest daughter Jenna helping to plan her future wedding that Beth knew she would never get to see. Years later, the Carmichaels have arrived at Nantucket to celebrate Jenna and Stewart’s wedding where almost every detail (minus the rehearsal dinner dress) was followed according to Beth’s plan. But what happens over the weekend is nothing that Beth could have planned for and all the Carmichaels must survive without her.

I listened to this read and thought it was pretty good. Although there was not a character that I particularly rooted for, the situations they each got themselves into over the wedding weekend were entertaining. The characters were all flawed but I think that was a reflection of them all still being a bit lost from Beth’s death. I really liked how Hilderbrand gave each character their own unique personality and quirk that made them easy to remember as there were a lot between the bride and groom’s family.

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