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Meet Me at the Cupcake Café | by Jenny Colgan

Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe

Meet Me at the Cupcake Café by Jenny Colgan
(Sourcebooks Landmark, 2013, 432 pages)

After Issy is fired from her office job by her boss/boyfriend, she has no idea what her next step should be. With some inspiration from her grandfather and a little help from her bank manager Austin, she decides to open a cupcake café on a quiet street in London. With the business mentality of helping people to gain long-lasting patrons and creating a comfy and inviting ambiance, Issy opens her café with quick success. Just as she starts to develop feelings for Austin, her ex-boyfriend comes back offering everything she’s always wanted from him. But what is the true meaning behind his offers and can she juggle everything with her booming business and delicious cakes and coffee?

This was a cute and cozy read. There was nothing too difficult to digest and you could see where the story was going long before it got there. The characters were especially enjoyable as everyone stood out with their different personalities and qualities. The recipes she included looked interesting and delicious but a tad too complicated for me. I’m more of an instant box mix kind of baker. Overall it was a light, fluffy read that provided a nice break between heavy reading.

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