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Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots | by Jessica Soffer

Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots

Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots by Jessica Soffer
(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013, 317 pages)

Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots focuses on two characters whose lives intertwine. The first is Lorca, a 17 year old living with her mother and aunt in New York. Lorca craves her mother’s attention and does whatever she can to make her mother happy. Unfortunately, she has also taken to hurting herself as another way of  trying to get her mother to truly see her. Then there’s Victoria, an elderly woman living in upper Manhattan. She came from Iraq to America in the 1950s with her husband who has just recently passed away. She’d been dealing with his illness while at the same time struggling every day with the knowledge that she gave their one and only child up for adoption.

Lorca and Victoria come together when Lorca sees signs for an Iraqi cooking class Victoria is holding in her apartment (an idea brainstormed by Victoria’s busybody upstairs neighbor). Victoria’s husband has passed so recently that Lorca’s presence helps her see through the fog of her loneliness. The two find comfort in each other’s company and a bond forms between them so it feels almost as if they’re family…

I actually liked this book more than I thought I would and when I finished I realized that it had great crossover appeal for young adults. I was always looking for more time to pick it up and read. It’s hard to describe the feeling of the language in the book, but I guess I’d describe it as a “gentle” kind of read and that gentleness isn’t sacrificed when tough issues are addressed.


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