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The Silver Linings Playbook | by Matthew Quick

The Silver Linings Playbook

The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick
(Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008, 304 pages)

Pat Peoples is desperate for a happy ending and this movie of his life to end so “apart time” can be over with his wife, Nikki. After his mother gets him released from the mental institution, he believes he is closer to that happy ending. But the more time he spends back at home, the more he learns about what has happened while he’s been away. He can’t remember what happened to land him at the institution and started the “apart time” but everyone tiptoes around the subject. When Pat is introduced to Tiffany she offers a way to communicate with Nikki, but only if he gives up watching his beloved Eagles football and competes in an annual dance competition. Things might be finally looking up for Pat.

I really loved this movie and since Oscar season is in full swing, I decided to read the book. I think this might be one of the only times I’m glad I watched the movie first and read the book second. The movie had such a hopeful ending and the book didn’t give me the same feeling. Also, in the movie Pat clearly states he was diagnosed as bipolar so I assumed it was the same in the book. But the whole time I kept thinking this doesn’t seem like he’s bipolar and I never realized that they never said Pat was bipolar in the book so it could actually be something else. So that just threw me off, but I would read another of Quick’s books and did enjoy his writing style.

You can also check out Angie’s review of the book.


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