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Savor the Moment | by Nora Roberts

Savor the Moment

Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts
(Berkley Trade, 2010, 339 pages)

Laurel has been hiding her crush on Parker’s older brother Del since they were kids. She has tried to ignore the dates he goes on with other women and the fact he will always consider her one of his girls. But after a heated argument, Laurel finally shows her true feelings for Del and throws him for a loop. Now they’ve decided to try dating for one month and then decide if they want to continue or go back to being just friends. For Laurel, she knows what she wants and only hopes that Del’s feelings will catch up in time.

I can’t help but feel bad for Laurel even if she is a fictional character. Out of the four girls, Laurel has known who she is supposed to be with the longest but it felt like Roberts spent the least amount of time with her story. A lot of the book centered around a love triangle that disappeared quickly and setting up for the fourth romance in the series while Laurel and Del only went on maybe four dates. I think the love triangle idea would have been good to add just so Laurel and Emma’s stories wouldn’t have been so similar. But I’m still excited to start on Parker’s story so all four can be paired up.


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