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Feminist Theology | by Natalie K. Watson

Feminist Theology

Feminist Theology by Natalie K. Watson
(Eerdmans, 2003, 120 pages)

This is a very helpful guide to an important stream of modern theological thought. Watson’s book is divided into two main sections: the first gives an overview of feminist approaches to Scripture and tradition, and the second surveys major themes in feminist theology. The main body of the book is followed by an annotated bibliography that runs a full sixty-seven pages.

Anyone approaching this book with the assumption that a feminist approach to theological issues is monolithic or uncomplicated will be quickly disabused of that notion. Watson does a good job of showing the breadth and diversity of the questions and methodologies that feminist thinkers in the last decades of the twentieth century and beyond have brought to the task of theology. There is nothing groundbreaking in this study, and Watson makes no attempt at developing new themes or articulating new approaches to theological research. At just over a decade old, her bibliography could certainly use some updating; though it is still very useful as a guide to some of the most important and groundbreaking works of twentieth century feminist theology. On the whole, this book is a good tool for those looking either for a quick orientation to feminist theology or for a place to begin a more in depth study of important feminist theologians.


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