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Sentinel | by Jennifer Armentrout


Sentinel (Covenant #5) by Jennifer Armentrout
(Spencer Hill Press, 2013, 360 pages)

It’s finally clear what Alex and Aiden need to do to end the war that Ares is trying to start. Somehow they have to transfer Seth’s power to Alex so she can become the God-Killer and take out Ares once and for all. But there are two major problems with that plan: 1. How can Alex get close enough to Seth to transfer the power since he is currently on Team Ares and 2. Once Alex becomes the God-Killer and takes out Ares, the other gods will be uncomfortable with a God-Killer running around and will then take her out. But it is clear that something must be done before Ares takes over the mortal world.

I really enjoyed reading this series this past summer and was pretty excited that the last book came out in the fall. Unfortunately I think Armentrout put one book too many in the series. Maybe if Alex had shown a little bit more growth in her character over the books, I would be more excited about the final book. Also, and this sounds terrible, but Alex and Aiden were way too happy. There was no conflict between them and their scenes together were honestly a little boring. Actually I skipped over their parts near the end because it became too much. I did enjoy the ending because it was a good twist even if it left a lot of questions to be answered.


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