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Faith | by Jennifer Haigh


Faith by Jennifer Haigh
(Harper Perennial, 2012, 318 pages)

Sheila has always been proud of her family from a distance but when her brother, who is a priest in Boston, is accused of something so unimaginable and horrifying, she must return home to be with her family. Her brother Art has been a well-respected priest for decades, but when his reputation is challenged he has very few people to turn to. His mother and sister are standing by his side but his younger brother, Mike, wants nothing more to do with him. Mike needs proof before he can believe that the accusation against his brother isn’t true so he seeks out the single mother and her young son and quickly gets in over his head.

Faith was an interesting novel and not what I expected. The focus is more on the dynamics of the family then of Art’s accusation. I think Haigh made a smart choice by telling the story from Shelia’s point of view. That way the reader is kept guessing on whether or not there is any truth to the accusations against Art. I also really liked how she styled the dialogue throughout the read. Every once and awhile, Haigh would slip in the Boston accent and surprise me.


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